Ktown Night Market: Korea Town, LA

Inspired by the many night markets across Asia, the Ktown Night Market does a pretty good job in its recreation.  Located at the Robert F Kennedy school it will cost you a fiver to go along – $3 if you can get your shit together early and pre-purchase on line (yes I did try to do it from the queue, no it didn’t work). 

There’s a stack of food trucks, including the infamous Kogi Truck: which only seems to appear when I’m not actually hungry, just to taunt me. You’ll also find 2-3 times more stalls selling a huge range of yummies and a stack of other stuff ranging from face masks to tshirts. 

I wish we’d gone down a little later because we accidentally filled up on happy hour nibbles at Taste on Melrose earlier in the afternoon. 

You can see why we were a bit full. The meatballs were amazing (so soft!) and the pizzette was too, I’d def get them again (and try some other things). 

Anyway, back to the market. Here’s some important points to note:

  • It is an alcohol free event. I don’t think this should be a surprise as it’s held on a school, but Al had to study each trader before conceding I was right
  • You can get a pass out. So far no other event has done this so I think it’s a pretty good feature 
  • There is an official after party, at a club I think is called Bound. Obviously, I did not attend said after party as I only found out about it later: but do not be sad, I made my own πŸ˜‰

Every now and then I try to make “smart choices” and this was one of those days. Because I was full I thought it was best to not just shove in more food for the sake of eating it- even though it all looked and smelt delicious. That being said, there were 2 things I couldn’t resist despite my sensible, grown up attitude

  1. Swirls potato: basically a potato spiral fried on a stick and rolled in flavour dust. You can’t ask for much more really. The queue was ridiculous but I would call it worth it 

2. Dragon’s Breathe from Chocolate Chair. These are basically the packaging you get in boxes to keep things safe (not bubble wrap, the ones that look like cheetos) dipped in liquid nitrogen. Never has something with no flavour been so fun to eat! Absolutely, hands down, if you ever see these things- buy them!



So much fun! 

We also got to hear a YouTube singer that the crowd was super stoked about do sone covers, and a band. Sadly we missed the Korean hip hop star, which I really wanted to see. 

I mentioned we made our own after party, it involved wine & whisky at Pot in The Line. This is one of those hotel bars that I really love. The DJ was playing some banging tunes and if you get there before it’s cool to (like me) you can hang out in a booth for awhile. 

I like to be super cool and leave just as everyone is really wanting to come in – look at this queue ! Ok not the best pic, but it was actually pretty long maybe 50 people? And that was me done!

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