2 Aussies, 1 Dog: Boozing around Portland, Oregon

Portland is a hotspot for craft breweries, and we did our best to support the industry. Luckily for me, they’ve also have some distilleries too, there’s only so much beer I can drink. .

Our mini tour also took us into a part of the city I hadn’t been to. Super cool, kind of reminded me of the Hackney Wick vibe. Would this be the neighbourhood I lived in?

Rogue Eastside Pub & Pilot Brewery

We walked here all the way from the Pearl District with the intention of going to Cascade Brewery which turned out to be the only place in Portland that isn’t dog friendly! So we crossed the road and went into Rogue. I really liked this one, it has a huge patio and lots of different beers. We didn’t get to stay long though as both @Kevinfromfinance and Al were sun sick from the walk (drama queens), luckily they recovered at our next stop.

Could not even finish his beer

New Deal Distillery

A cute, dog friendly, small batch distillery well worth a stop (and nice & cool for Kevin & Al). I did the gin tasting where you try all 3 gins how they are best served as well as neat. These guys make a nice gin. I ended up buying a couple of the Old Tom, it was something a little different. I think nice just over ice.


Lucky Labrador Brewery

Nothing to really write home about but it has a really comfortable atmosphere and a nice shaded patio. It seemed to be very much a locals place. We definitely went in for the name 😁

Kevin is not impressed, he’s not a Labrador.

Eastside Distillery

A good place for whisky tasting and very reasonably priced bottles to buy after trying, I think Al picked up 2. Annoyingly for me, they don’t let you double up your tasting of 1 thing so I couldn’t just load my tasting with gin. But a win for Al, who got to have extra whiskies.

Rolling River Spirits

Not a great actual tasting experience, but a nice gin. I bought a bottle, which may have been the gin talking. I haven’t opened it yet to check. May leave it a mystery for a bit.

Deschutes Brewery

On recommendation from our beer connoisseur Justo, and just around the corner from our apartment was Deschutes. This place is mega, seriously mega!! Lots of outdoor tables on the sidewalk but you have to be seated or the will kick you off them. Beer was good. They have a decent menu of eats too. We got a nice little, kind of ploughmans.

Cheese, meat & beers: not a bad afternoon

And I think that was it!!! Not bad considering most of it was in 1 day and still left time for a river swim with Kevin after to reward his patience.

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