Vegetable paradise: Tusk, Portland Oregon.

Tusk is a vegetable Mecca, seriously. About 90% of the menu is vegetables done with such creativity it will leave you gob smacked (ok I’ve checked the menu, my 90% is a gross exaggeration, there is plenty of meat). After Christmas and New Years Jax & I week in definite need of upping our veggie intake. Everything here is locally sourced (no surprise, it is Portland) and inspired.

The dining room is simple and gorgeous with a lovely enclosed patio area. Everything is white (dangerous) with a big ass Black & White picture of Keith Richards floating in a pool above the bar.

The food: for once we did not over other! Too much.

Half & half hummus plate: this is half the normal and half their speciality hummus. It’s good. They know how to hummus well. However, for 2 people just get 1 small one.

Hmm now here’s where I run into a problem. It’s a really good seasonal menu which means they’ve already changed it since we were there and I am terrible at remembering everything! So let’s see, maybe you work some of these ones out 😂😂 let me assure you: everything was awesome. [note to self, remember to take pics of menus at hip seasonal restaurants]

Some kind of squash salad. Squash was everywhere (in season). This trip to Portland really re-ignited my squash love.

Lovely greens with cheese, radish and some grains

Beetroot with nuts, micro greens & cheese

Mystery salad- brussel sprouts? I do love them.

Crushed potatoes with olive oil.

One thing I learnt with the combinations here was the importance of textures. The nut crunch combo is amazing and I’m trying to replicate it at home. I also went straight out and orders Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden, one of the guys behind this restaurant. The great news is the recipes are really good and not hard, so you can create this magic at home.

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