New favourite gallery: The Broad, DTLA

Ok, I’m calling it- The Broad is my favourite museum right now!

First of all, you can’t go past the stunning building. The honeycomb type exterior and the the vault style concrete inside is just amazing. I think @anshulraja loved the building more than the art! He definitely took more photos.

Secondly, it’s free!! There’s not a lot of free museums in LA which I find weird after London, but this one is. Yes you’ll pay $15 for parking but you’re DTLA, deal with it.

Thirdly, of course, is the collection. It’s modern art which I like. Not too expansive which I also like, as I get museum overload easily after an hour. PLUS they had 2 pieces from Yayoi Kusama! Very happy indeed!!

So here’s the trick for The Broad: book online to avoid mega queue death. Even with a booking online you will need to queue. You can’t book to see the Yayoi Kusama pieces ahead of time, so the earlier you get there, the more likely you are to see them.

We got there for opening which was awesome as we had no wait for the exhibits.

First up was Infinity Mirrored Room- The souls of Millions of Light Year’s Away, 2013. It’s an immersive installation of led lights. You go into the room and get about 30 seconds. Of course you can get about 50 photos in that time – but don’t forget to take in the piece as well. It’s amazing.

Then it was Longing for Eternity, 2015. Again you are timed here. However, rather than being in the exhibit you are outside looking in from different heights and angles. Gorgeous.

After the coolness of these pieces it was time to look at the rest of the gallery. Some great pieces there, some artists I was familiar with, but many that I was introduced to.


Jenny Holzer

Chuck Close

Jenny Saville

And heaps, heaps more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Once you’ve had your fill of good art head next door to Otium. We went in for gin & a nibble and it’s gorgeous. Everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. And they fillet fish at the bar which I found very cool.

I love a bar that has a ladder!! We snacked on the chickpea, curry cauliflower & fried bread dish. It was so good! The curry sauce was divine. I’ve also now looked at their brunch menu and that is totally worth going for.

The alternative, or in addition to (wink) is heading down the road to the roof top at The Standard which is always a lovely spot for a drink and a view. And a chance to put your feet up on the comfy couches after walking around looking at the art.

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