Vegan heaven: Gracias Madre, LA

It doesn’t get much more LA than Gracias Madre. A super cool vegan Mexican set in a gorgeous building with an amazing atmosphere. I took @anshulraja there despite his aversion to vegan and showed him how it’s done. We opted for a patio table- I’m still not over how awesome it is eating outside all the time plus it’s the perfect option for visitors from cold countries. Oh, and their bathroom tiles are amazing, I love great bathrooms.

Quesadillas de Calabaza: butternut caramelised onion & cashew nacho cheese. Yum! But for me, need to think of it as just cashew paste rather than cheese otherwise I get disappointed. Turns out@anshulraja is not a butternut squash fan (definitely should have mentioned it when I was ordering) and he DEFINITELY is not a nut cheese fan.

Coliflór Frito: really good cauliflower. It was roasted amazingly and the cashew nacho cheese was light on.

Bowl Dos: I was going to skip over the bowls and I’m glad I didn’t. This bowl was divine. Braised lentils, peanut sauce, spinach, pico de gallo, coconut rice, pineapple salsa, pumpkin seeds and  avocado. everything combined so well together. It was different but great and I loved the pineapple salsa.

Nopales: There was no way we were going past a dis serving cactus! Stewed cactus, guajillo chile sauce, cashew crema, rice, black beans, house-made tortillas.

The food is good, prices are nice and a great atmosphere you can’t really go wrong. @anshulraja could not believe that a vegan place could be so cool.

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