West Hollywood Excersize Studios Pt 3: LA

And so the exploration continues, albeit slowly. As you know, I’m exploring using ClassPass as part of my fiscally responsible behavior – it’s a foreign feeling for me, but I think I’m doing well!


I have said this before and I will say it again, never, ever mess with a ballet girl! I’ve done barre classes before and I have always found that they kick my butt! PopPhysique was no different, in fact I would say it was a harder class than any of the ones I did in London. I am by no means weak, I can run, swim and other things, yup I’m definitely chubby but I’m fitter than I look; but this barre class left me feeling like I could barely lift my legs. All of my weak spots were targeted particularly around my ITB & hamstrings which are tight as hell from running. 

The studio is a version of lovely  simple: reasonable size space with beautifully polished floors, cubbie holes in the back for your stuff and a bathroom. No showers, but this is starting to look pretty common in LA

They have sites in a few locations across LA, so I’ll definitely be heading back in. Besides, it’s got to be good for my running. 

Rise Nation 

Ok, this classes is not my proudest moment. What I am about to tell you is not going to help me persuade you that I am relatively fit (yes, balanced with chubby) … I only made it for 18 minutes of the 30 minute class πŸ˜” on the plus side, I made it 8 minutes longer than the first person who bailed. 

This class is tough! It’s also weird. I’ve never seen machines like this. It’s like a stepper (really not sure how to spell that) with hand holds at head height so when you get going it is kind of like you are climbing- with your butt sticking out. I have a slightly dodgy shoulder, knee and ankles so to be honest, I’m not sure if it was fatigue or real pain, but after 18 minutes I decided not to push it. I think this was the smart move in a land without universal health care. 

As far as the workout itself goes- I reckon it is torching calories, it is seriously working you. Will I try it again? Yeah, why not. I’ll see if I can get the whole way through the class 😏

** I pinched this screenshot from the website because I didn’t take any pics when I was there. Important point to note (as asked by my buddy) no you do not have to be nude for the class, though some people are close πŸ˜‰

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