Cake for breakfast: Sycamore Kitchen. La Brea, LA

The best part about being a grown up? Cake for breakfast!! I heard that the salted caramel, pecan babka roll (wow, that’s a mouthful) at Sycamore Kitchen was pretty amazing and as it was @emsiereed bday, it seemed like the right place to go – even though she wasn’t here 🙂 Never let friends being in different cities be a reason to not eat cake for their birthday!

The breakfast menu looked good – I was tossing up between 3 things when I settled on the scrambled egg & chorizo sandwich, with the babka roll to “share”. The problem arose when I spied the zucchini bread and wanted to add that to the share pile. Al got all strict on me for having too much, so I had to swap the sandwich out for a fruit bowl. 😣 

It was actually a good fruit bowl with lots of blackberries, but I couldn’t help feeling a little cheated. Especially considering he had a pork belly hash!

The babka was very sticky & very sweet. Nice, but I think my preference stays with a cinnamon bun (which I still haven’t yet, and it is killing me)

The zucchini bread was a really light flavor with hints of orange which made a nice change from the usual nutmeg. I’d like it toasted a little next time, the same way I prefer my banana bread toasted, but this one is worth ordering. 

The Sycamore Kitchen is set back from the road with a big outdoor patio area for you to enjoy your food on; though you are less likely to have a serenity moment with the trucks booting it down La Brea. Word of warning: sticky buns attract flies- get yours after you eat your other stuff or you will spend your whole meal swishing away. 

Cost wise, pretty standard LA: all the food  plus iced coffee and the biggest Mexican Coke I’ve seen, tip & service was $45 for the two of us. Sycamore Kitchen is doing one of these ‘new to LA’ things where they add service charge to your bill automatically which I believe makes life easier. 

I’d like to head back over for lunch one day as I think the salad & sandwich menu sounds good; I’ve got my eye on the spicy Vietnamese salad for sure. I’ll let you know when I try it. 

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