Snowmbombing Part 1: Mayrhofen, Austria 

A music festival, set in a gorgeous town, at the base of a nice ski resort? The concept is just awesome. Snowboard all day, dance all night!

I went to Snowbombing 2 years ago and we had such a blast that it had to feature in our goodbye Europe tour. 

We stayed st the Hotel Strauss, the big benefit here is the proximity to the main lift of the resort. I can not remember the last time I was so close, god it makes life easier not having to drag your kit far. 

It’s been about 18 months since I last snowboarded and I had a mega accident then, so I have to be honest, my fear was strong this trip. Armed with our new shiny helmets we headed up for the first day in conditions affectionately called ‘spring snow’ or as we call it, slushy.  My first run was not great, but I survived it, though when I kicked off for my second without thinking it all started to come back to me and I went down no problems. 

It was a beautiful sunshiny day so we headed over to the snow park. I’m not sure if they set it up as well outside of snowbombing but there is a dj banging tunes (pretty sure that isn’t normal), sun lounger chairs, giant beanbags and swing chairs for you to soak up the sun. 

We went down the 31 run to get to the park and here is where the freak out happened. Steep slopes with patches of ice and I lost it. Tears (thank god for goggles) and a little refusing to get back up… and a lot of sliding on my ass down the mountain. In my defence , my accident was on a steep slope on a sheet of ice so I think the tantrum was justifiable 😳. It was part the way down this that I remembered from last time that I didn’t like this run, that the 32 was a better run down (always helpful to remember things after). 

After a chill out at the snow park – where we watched a heli-rescue on a jump- it was the chairlift/gondola mission back down to town. You can not come off the mountain without a stop at Hans the Butcher. This place is seriously the bomb, I do not know why more resorts don’t do this. Not only is it a butcher but he cooks up a stack of excellent post snow food and serves it at reasonable prices.  

Here are some of the things we have tried:

  • Schnitzel in a bun: classic staple, you can’t go wrong. Turns out you can also get some salad in it which I didn’t realise
  • Grilledwurst in a bun; so yum& like the schnitzel easy to eat. Plus it’s about 3 euros
  • Nuggets & chips: these are a mega winner! The nuggets are massive chunks of real chicken breast breaded and the chips have some seasoning I can only assume is crack. 
  • Wings: I don’t like wings but everyone else was super happy with this. 
  • Ribs: they prevut these for you to make life easier. Apparently nice but wings were better 
  • Rotisserie chicken: just delicious
  • Goulash soup: so, so good. And massive 

Hans is amazing and must make an absolute fortune over the season!

Pre-festival day is the day the road trippers enter. It’s a mini parade of cars coming through with people dressed up & Cara decorated. It doesn’t take long and worth a watch – especially with a drink in hand. 

Having loaded up with carbs & booze wewere  ready to start the pre-festival. This was down in a smaller venue under our hotel called The Arena. This was a great warm up event before the week starting

So snowbombing was off to a good start, and was definitky going to end with me getting a little tireder. 

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