Hofbrauhaus, Munich 

On our way to Mayrhofen, Austria we had a quick 12 hours in Munich. I’ve counted up that I’ve been to Munich 7 times over the last 12 years – which when you think about how many other places there are to go in EUROPE, is actually quite a lot. 

I love this city. It’s chilled, not too big that you feel stressed trying to ‘do it’ in a weekend. But still with enough stuff i.e. Beer halls, that you can go back and go to different parts each time. 

This trip was a last ditch to Hofbrauhaus for a stein and schweinehaxe or pork knuckle for Al. 

We ended up getting their quite late, it’s important to note that it is closing time at 11.30 pm, which is way earlier than my memory of it. I get that it’s the most touristy of tourist beer halls to go to but it ticked all the boxes for a last quick visit. I also find that you see all sorts here- the locals dressed in their beer outfits, people out for a big night, and other just coming to chat to a friend and listen to some music. 

Anyway, we got in by about 10.30, so in effect just in time. I had been so excited for a schnitzel but unfortunately this is not available on the late night menu (devastated), so I had to go for sausage and potato salad. It’s a simple meal but just tasty and cheap as hell. I love German potato salad, it’s different to anything in Australia, more vinegarette dressing than creamy. 

Al of course had his pork knuckle. With the speed & quietness it went down, I think he was fairly satisfied 

It always feels like each part of the hall here has a slightly different atmosphere. And as part of your experience you can count on:

1. An oompah band

2. People dancing to the band

3. A chance to see people locking up their stein in the special local spot which is super cool. 

And if you’re lucky, the beer master will be there. You’ll know it’s him by the decorative pins all over his hat and the fancy pipe he has 

As I said there are beer halls a plenty in Munich, some I prefer was more than Hofbrauhaus (each has a different style & food and their own beer) but there is something about this one that is just ‘Munich’ andvyou can’t go past it. 


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