Dumplings, dumplings and more dumplings: Myung in Dumplings, Korea Town, LA

You absolute can not go wrong with a recommendation from Anthony Bourdain! I was watching the LA episode of Parts Unknown and Myung in Dumplings was one that he was taken to in K-Town. It’s a little hole in the wall dumpling shop, tucked into a strip mall off Olympic. You know, one of those places you really need to know about to go to or you would drive right past.

Now obviously, this place has been on TV, so it isn’t a ‘secret place’. One of my usual things when I go to a dumpling place is, I want to see significantly more Asian faces than white faces. I kind of like it when they hide my pale face in the back or downstairs 🙂 However, this place is on tv, so I managed my expectations going in. In good news, there may have been a balance of nationalities inside but we did get treated with a little disdain and served after the Koreans, which made us feel a lot better!

After a long wait, which involved us seating ourselves and getting in trouble, we placed our order. I’d like to point out, that at this stage, Jax and I were starving! We placed our order and got a stern “no! you have too much”. Usually, I take this as a sign that we have ordered perfectly, however my hunger was too strong so I ended up giving back a stern “yes! I want it anyway”. Not my most mature moment.

Well….. it turns out we ordered way too much. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH. Ah, mean little lady depriving me of food, you were right! But I will never tell you 🙂 Besides, we took them home for Al and had 2 more meals HAHHAHHAAHAHHA.

So here’s what we got:

  • King Steam Dumpling with pork & veg: this was actually my least fav of the lot. It was way too much dough for me. I read someone describe it as eating a giant doughy baseball, and I would agree (except I think they were saying it as a positive)
  • Spicy steamed dumpling with pork & shrimp: really good! And a different shape to a normal dumpling
  • Korean style steamed dumpling: I think these were my favourite. A little different to all the rest.
  • Boiled dumpling with pork & kimchi: also very good
  • Boiled dumpling with pork, shrimp & veggie: well, you can’t go wrong with this staple

The dumpling are steamed which is how I like them, I think there was 1 fried options, but we were never going to order it.

If you are around K-town, this is definitely a spot to stop for a dumpling snack.

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